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Welcome note

Welcome to the official page of ThEME (Technology Enhanced Medical Education Conference) 2019.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) affects all aspects of human life. The impact is especially pronounced within the field of medical health professional education as well as practice. These effects call for improvement of education quality, with the aim of eventual advancement of health care quality.

ThEME International Conference 2019 aims to create opportunities for educational institutions, academics, and healthcare professionals to exchange ideas and collaborate on maximizing the use of Technology to Enhance Medical and Health Professional Education.

We are interested in your thoughts, experience and insights on the implementation of technology within your educational institution or practice. We invite you to share the challenges you have faced, the triumphs you have achieved, and the strategies you have trialed. Most importantly, we are interested in bringing all stakeholders together to think about how technological advances be incorporated without compromising ethical and humanistic aspects of medicine.

With the 2019 theme of “Enhancing professionalism and technology in health education to overcome triple burden diseases”, we invite all health professionals, academics, and educational institutions to publish their manuscripts and share their scholarly work on the following topics:

  1. Technological Innovations in Learning and Assessment of Health Education
  2. Advances in Medical Education – Applications in Clinical and Postgraduate Studies
  3. Technology in Medical Education – Past Experiences and Future Prospects
  4. Technology and Biomedicine
  5. Technology in Medical Practice – Issues Concerning Professionalism
  6. Overcoming Triple Burden Diseases through Incorporation of Technological Advances

We hope to see you soon in the beautiful coastal city of Makassar, Indonesia to not only exchange ideas and insights, but also to celebrate how far we have come in using technology to advance medicine and healthcare education as well as practice.